Memory Care

People who live with memory loss have specific needs that require someone experienced in caring for them. At Elder Options, our compassionate team of care managers is skilled in finding the right solutions for those living with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.

Health Evaluation

Learning someone is experiencing memory loss is usually a gradual process. You may notice that someone who used to be very neat and organized has lots of clutter and is not keeping the home or themselves clean. You may become aware that mail and bills are piling up and that there is spoiled or no food in the refrigerator. If this is the case, this person might be exhibiting signs of dementia. To achieve an accurate diagnosis, our care managers can conduct a comprehensive assessment in conjunction with appropriate medical professionals. There may be other factors contributing to memory loss and confusion, including medications, infections or underlying medical conditions.

Needs Determination and Recommendations

After our evaluation, we’ll determine the best course of action based on resources and needs and provide referrals to health providers who specialize in dementia care. We can help evaluate treatment options and provide family members with the tools and support needed to help maintain a meaningful relationship with their loved one.

Creating a Safe and Comfortable Home

Familiar surroundings provide comfort to those living with memory loss. If the individual chooses to remain at home, we’ll make recommendations for in-home care as well as modifications that could help the individual live more safely. If this is not a viable option, we’ll help with finding a senior living community with a special Memory Care program.