"Caring for my mother is a new role for my sister and me. And it was made more challenging given that we live out ot state. I was referred to Elder Options by a colleague in Boston, MA – then again, independently of the first, by mom’s physician. Fast forward two years, and I have nothing but praise for this lifesaving and sanity-preserving care service. Our care manager has been an impeccable professional. My mother was immediately made at ease and quickly began to depend on her assistance. Her warmth, kindness, and knowledge base allowed our family to trust that she would be able to provide superb care to our mother. The services that have been offered to my mother have been extensive and comprehensive, including (but not limited to) transportation to and attendance with her to medical appointments, alerting us to repairs needed in the house, finding specialty providers, setting up her medications, arranging a driving assessment, and evaluating her overall appearance or changes in her cognition. Each time a service was provided, even a brief visit, it was always followed up with phone call or email detailing EVERYTHING!!! My mother has been able to stay in her home and live more independently because of Elder Options. I would recommend them without reservation."
Shunda M.
"Although I'm 1500 miles from my mother, that's not a concern, because I'm relaxed with the knowledge that you're nearby to look in on her at her group home, and that you continually update me on her status. Thank you for that, and for recommending that group home. It has turned out so well. The attention she gets is terrific. I think it's been four years since we first met at the hospital when my mother was beginning to decline. Having your support over this difficult time has relieved me of so much of the stress around my mother. Thank you."
Richard A.
From 2004 until my mother’s death in 2013, just shy of her 91st birthday, I employed Stephanie Swerdlow of Elder Options to coordinate care and services for my mother, who lived several states away from me. My mother and I both came to depend on Stephanie to coordinate care among her physicians and the staff at her assisted living facility. She accompanied my mother to her doctor appointments, communicated effectively with her medical professionals and provided concise, accurate reports back to me and to the nurse at my mom’s assisted living home.

Stephanie is a superb communicator, has a wonderful sense of humor, is gently assertive and always 100% reliable. My mother said on numerous occasions that whenever Stephanie is involved, she feels completely safe. As her only child, I was grateful for the peace of mind this gave me.

Stephanie was truly committed to my mother and they became good friends. I was sometimes envious of how well she and my mother communicated, and I’m sure I learned from her example over time. She helped me deal with my mother’s growing infirmities and make decisions about her care, and also helped me deal with my mom’s eventual death. Stephanie helped make my mother’s last year’s better, and that improved my relationship with my mom when all was said and done. I’m grateful for the opportunity to endorse Stephanie Swerdlow, she is a true professional, highly ethical, a strong advocate for her clients, and an all-around good person.
Stephanie P.
"I started using the services of Elder Options several years ago for my father in Hallandale. When mother in Boca Raton mother needed additional help, I turned to Elder Options, and they came through again. The peace of mind provided by the wonderful care managers at Elder Options is invaluable."
Les S.
"Watching our parents age is hard enough. But when you live a great distance from your loved one and knowing the perils associated with aging, it is both comforting and critical to have a resource you can rely on who can step in and be your eyes and ears while offering needed care and support, specifically in times of crisis. At first, my dad was resistant to the idea of having an elder care manager watch over him. It took a health crisis for him to realize how important it was to have someone close by that had our combined family interests at heart. Our care manager took the time to get to know my dad, and build the essential relationship needed in order for him to be comfortable with this idea. Then, when dad's health crisis hit, she dedicated time and attention to his needs – as if it were her own father. Dad has had several health issues for the last year and a half. Our care manager has been invaluable to our family. I can say that beyond a shadow of a doubt, we would have been lost without her."
Linda C.
"I have been helping Dad take care of his basic needs ever since his subdural hematoma, two and a half years ago. Since I live in another country, I have done this with the very professional help of Elder Options, who sent a care manager. She has helped by meeting with my dad, she navigated his release from rehab, helped coordinate home health care and supervised quality of that care. She has helped with various incidents that have come up over time – for example, when Dad has had issues with unsavory solicitation. She has also helped research medical insurance and coordinate medical and pharmaceutical issues, and even helped with necessary details of Dad's visit abroad to attend my son's wedding. I would not be able to take on Dad's care from abroad without the help of Elder Options. They come highly recommended."
Gitelle P.
"The smartest thing I did once my mother needed care was to engage an Aging Life Care Professional. Our care manager became a loving part of our family and always provided the perspective, experience and resources we needed to make decisions and to handle the every day. And while I never seemed to be prepared for whatever came in the next stage, she had been on this journey with many other families and expertly guided us through. THANK YOU!"
Robin W.
"As a geriatric social worker in Massachusetts, it was especially gratifying to me to find such a competent and warm care manager to partner with around our Dad’s care in Florida during his last years. Dad wanted to remain in Florida and we were able to respect his wishes as he moved from his condo into independent and then assisted living and on to hospice with our care manager’s assistance. Her help and caring enabled us to enjoy our Dad’s last years (he lived to age 95) with much less of the stress associated with long distance caregiving. She was a godsend to all of us!"
Marsha F.