Our Team

alca-fellow-member-logoStephanie Swerdlow, LCSW, CMC

stephanie_swerdlowStephanie Swerdlow, Director of Elder Options, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and an Advanced Level Care Manager. Stephanie began working as a Geriatric Care Manager in 1996 and founded Elder Options in 2003. The mission was to provide the highest standard of service to seniors living in Broward County, North Dade County and South Palm Beach County. For the past 19 years, Stephanie has been an active member of the Aging Life Care Association™ (ALCA, formerly NAPGCM). She has served on the National Board and currently serves on the Florida Chapter of ALCA as the President Elect. Her expertise in the field of geriatric care has earned her a national reputation as a compassionate leader in helping seniors optimize their quality of life. “In my work as an Aging Life Care Professional, I have the privilege of meeting people at a point in their lives when they are transitioning to a new chapter. The joy for me is getting to know people and their families and to learn their stories. Yes, they are dealing with the challenges that aging inevitably brings, but they bring with them their strengths, their resilience, their humor and their wisdom. I am constantly learning from my clients who may have overcome many obstacles in their lives.”

ALCA_Member_Logo_TMRisa Marks, MSW, CMC
Advanced Level Care Professional

risa_marksRisa has been with Elder Options since 2007. “Every individual has a story, a history, a journey. As a care manager, I have the privilege of working with older adults and their families as they transition to a different stage of life. I act as a guide through these new experiences which often include loss and change, but there can be positive aspects too. I help families build a roadmap for their loved ones’ future. I listen to stories of the past and learn so much about who they were. I work with my clients and families to accept the realities of aging in a gentle, compassionate way. I am their advocate, resource specialist, care coordinator, and oftentimes, the person they share their innermost thoughts with. My favorite aspect of care management is building relationships with my clients. They all have unique stories and perspectives and I value and respect their life experiences. Why am I a care manager? Because I value the ability to make a positive difference in my clients’ – and their loved ones’ – quality of life.

ALCA_Member_Logo_TMKim Aloya, MSW, CMC
Certified Aging Life Care Professional

kim_aloyaKim has been with Elder Options since 2008. “Care management is not just a job, it is a vocation filled with passion and purpose. Passion for the people and families that I have had the pleasure to work with, and I find real purpose in the work we do. It doesn’t get more real than facing the daily challenges of aging, and meeting those challenges head on with compassion and grace. It takes a lot to handle some of the situations, but the feeling that I am doing something meaningful, and providing my clients and families a shoulder to lean on in a time of need makes it more fulfilling than most other careers.”

ALCA_Member_Logo_TMMichelle Goldberg, PhD
Certified Aging Life Care Professional

michelle_goldbergMichelle has been with Elder Options since 2010. “I always wanted to be in the helping profession. As a Care Manager, I am given the opportunity to help people and their families on a regular basis. Being a Care Manager allows me to be an advocate, a resource, a support system an ally, and an onsite contact for families and their loved ones. For me, it is important to believe in what I am doing and I am confident that my work with Elder Options is effecting change and making a positive difference in the quality of people’s lives.”

ALCA_Member_Logo_TMMeredith Hirsch
Certified Aging Life Care Professional

meredith_hirschMeredith has been with Elder Options since 2014. “I really enjoy doing care management and working with older people. Nothing gives me more pleasure then being an advocate and providing support to enhance the quality of life of my clients. I enjoy working with families and their loved ones in the decision-making process in regards to legal, financial and medical issues.”