Geriatric Care Management

As Aging Life Care Professionals™, our goal is to help clients resolve the obstacles which impact their ability to carry on living life as they choose. If you or a loved one is experiencing challenges in physical mobility, mental functioning, emotional stability, finances, or legal issues, we provide the support and advocacy that enables seniors to feel secure and continue living meaningful, comfortable lives. Our compassionate care managers have the expertise to provide solutions to aging’s most challenging problems.

We help seniors and their family members through a comprehensive program of care that includes:

Assessments and Recommendations

We meet with the individual and their family to understand the challenges they face and make recommendations that will provide solutions.

  • We assess the individual’s home environment as well as current physical, emotional, social, financial, legal and safety needs.
  • Based on this evaluation, we develop an individualized Care Plan that provides specific recommendations which may include referrals to healthcare providers and support groups, recommendations for financial assistance or home modifications, and providing you and family members with local resources.

Implementation and Monitoring of a Care Plan

Once we’ve created a plan, we’ll work with you to ensure its success.

  • We help coordinate the services that will help achieve an individual’s goals – whether it’s making a medical appointment, gathering estimates from contractors for home improvements, or ensuring the individual’s transportation, financial management and nutritional needs are met.
  • We’ll accompany seniors on appointments to service professionals to help ensure that goals are clearly communicated and recommendations are carried out.
  • If the best solution includes moving into a senior living community, we can help identify top choices and help with the transition to a new home.

Advocacy and Support

We look out for our client’s best interests and serve as an advocate throughout the course of any treatment or transition.

  • We attend appointments with the senior to advocate on their behalf.
  • We work to find appropriate providers for any services needed and act as a liaison between the provider and the client.
  • We provide support to family members through education and resources.

Crisis Intervention

We’re able to provide assistance in emergency situations, providing peace of mind to families who live out of town.

  • We are available to respond as needed in the event of a crisis or emergency.
  • If the issue involves a home care provider, we intervene to ensure a continuity of care.
  • We can help mediate issues and resolve conflicts between family members, or the individual and any care provider.